Ein Witz am Rande:
National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA - Behörde des US-Handelsminiseriums) laut NYT / FAZ vom 3. Juli 2018:

The NTIA said its assessment rested "in large part on China's record of intelligence activities and economic espionage targeting the U.S., along with China Mobile's size and technical and financial resources."
...It said the company was "subject to exploitation [Ausbeutung], influence and control by the Chinese government" and that its application posed "substantial and unacceptable national security and law enforcement risks in the current national security environment".
U.S. senators and spy chiefs warned in February that China was trying, via means such as telecommunications firms, to gain access to sensitive U.S. technologies and intellectual properties.

...Die NTIA sieht die Gefahr von Geheimdienstaktivitäten und Wirtschaftsspionage durch das chin. Staatsunternehmen mit erheblichen technischen wie finanziellen Ressourcen... sowie unakzeptable Risiken für die national Sicherheit ...durch Zugriff auf sensitive Technologien..